Imagine feeling better today.


Imagine being able to spend time on things that truly matter rather than on your ex all while being guided by powerful tools healing.

What you'll get

  • An easy to follow framework so you know exactly how to start the healing process 
  • Journal prompts to help you get centered during crises
  • A checklist with top tips on how to detox from your ex and get your power back
  • ...and so much more!
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Hi, I'm Jamie! 

I have been through my own share of heartbreak and I remember wishing I had a manual for my breakup 4 years ago.

So...I created the manual I wish I had.

And now I offer it as my gift to you!

As a licensed therapist and now as a coach - my goal is to help women feel less alone in the midst of their breakups.  I want to help you regain your peace, dignity, and sanity. 

I'm thriving now and you can, too!

It's possible to start feeling better today!